Varied Clays




RD Fishing
Black Beaded
Glaze in Creases
Porcelain & black stoneware fire to a different color in the wood-fire. This vase has basalt speckles in the clay.
Hand-made beads are impressed in the clay while on the potters wheel to give texture to this style of pots.
This texture is from twine tied around the pot when it is on the potter's wheel. By pushing from the inside the shape is refined.
River Rocks of clay are stacked in a 'cairn'. Man-made piles or stacks of stones are found throughout the world, often to mark a trail.






goddess black
Turtle aqua
2 color clay vase small
Mini Shino
Goddess shapes have been found in archaelogical sites across southern & western Europe, dating around 25,000bc. These figures symbolized the fertility of the female and nature.
This example of porcelain clay is 6 - 7" high. A turtle is carved into the opening and a shadow of a turtle painted on the shoulder of the vessel. Ash crystals on the upper part are from the wood-firing.
Porcelain and dark stoneware clays are used to make the designs. Then texture is rolled onto the clay before the clay is folded and molded to its final shape. A collar is added at the end.
Made of porcelain, these small vases are about 2" high. Some are glazed, others have color & ash crystals from the wood-fire on them.